.​.​.​It Came From The Basement! [LP]

by Easyfeat

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A compilation of live recordings, studio sessions, and phone demos...


released April 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Easyfeat Jersey

A group of young musicians from New Jersey, with but one goal in mind - to make you feel it. Coming soon to a basement near you.

More music on the way...

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Track Name: Less Than Three (Demo)
Awkward conversations, lacking in a point
And of course she stole my lighter, so I couldn't spark this joint
So now I'm ragdolled by my brainwaves on this lonely walk home
Wondering why she strung me along to leave me here alone

I can't take this heartache, so I guess I'll run away
Hop on my storm cloud to stay out of the rain
Cracking under pressure, overwhelmed by guilt
A disenchanted labor, tear down everything we've built

My anxiety will be the death of me, can't somebody help me out of my mind?
I'll be out there floating, going with the flow
Got too stoned, forgot the words I wrote....
Track Name: Grape's Song (Live at Sound Shack USA)
I've been hanging with this bad girl lately
All she wants is money, sex, and drugs; her daddy hates me
All I ever wanted was to call her my baby
I'm stuck in toxic love somebody save me

Voice like an agel, she dresses like a model
Don't need a glass, she just drinks it out the bottle
Keeps me warm from winter to autumn
My baby, my baby, oh how I love her

Like a tambourine, she keeps my body shaking
Heart beating like some bongos, but our love disintegrated
Now I'm standing on the shore just to watch the waves breakin'
I'm stuck in toxic love somebody save me