Sasquatch Sessions [EP] (Demos)

by Easyfeat

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Well, it’s been far too long in the making, but here it finally is: the group’s debut EP- a collection of five originals sure to take you for a ride. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it. Thank you all so much for the support. We love you!

More music on the way…

All songs recorded in the Kooks’ Basement
Mixing and Mastering by HERC Sound


released November 5, 2015

Brian Russo - Drums, Percussion
Roger Lokker - Bass
John Russo - Guitar, Vocals
Fernando Valdez Jr - Guitar, Vocals



all rights reserved


Easyfeat Jersey

A group of young musicians from New Jersey, with but one goal in mind - to make you feel it. Coming soon to a basement near you.

More music on the way...

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Track Name: To Whom It May Concern...
[Verse 1]
Here's a toast to growing up
Hell knows it's been a little rough
You could say that I fucked up
One or two times
But I've learned from my mistakes
And while there's things I would change
About the past I've gotta laugh
And thank God that I'm alive today

And I don't know where I'm going
But I know that where I'm going
Is gonna be a whole lot better
Than where I'm stuck at now
Cause where I currently stand
I can't be the man I am
Without being scrutinized
And that leaves me dead inside, oh no

[Verse 2]
So is it them or is it I,
Am I out of my mind
All I've ever done was try
And love everyone
But nowadays that's not enough
So I guess I'm giving up
I'll just keep moving on
And singing this song

And you can think whatever you like
I'll never hear it I'm too high
Above the negative vibes
And you can't bring me down, no
Track Name: Orchard Park Blues
[Verse 1]
My head feel light, but my thoughts are dark
Smoking this cig at Allaire Road Park
In the glow of the moonlight, I howl her name
Waiting on a call that never came

You tell me sorry, tell me things have changed
Tell me everything that I wanna hear til I'm crawling back again
And you might catch me smiling, Ignorance is bliss
A lethal dose of dopamine delivered in her kiss

[Verse 2]
The time seems right as the sky gets dark
Sparking this L at Orchard Park
In the glow of the ember I can see her face
It all falls to ashes like the time I waste

Chasing these delusions around my head
My judgement is clouded, ambition is dead
A moment of silence echoes miles away
As I choke on the words I wish I'd say
Track Name: High School Drama Bullshit
[Verse 1]
High school drama bullshit, it's all too much for me
Each step through this hellhole leading to insanity
Girls will be girls, boys will be boys
And the girls, they will crush our hearts like worthless fucking toys

[Verse 2]
High school drama bullshit, it's more than I can take
If I had a dollar for every smile that I faked
Indulge in your preference: white lies or white lines
Careful not to lose yourself it's one hell of a ride

And I don't want to waste my time
Living out some useless lie
I'm not like you and I'm not like them
But I won't change, I'm as me as I'll get

[Verse 3]
High school drama bullshit, it's the latest teenage fad
Mommy's little monster has finally broken bad
Another poor decision, another restless night
Here's to all my closet friends who were always by my side

Track Name: Rocket Ship
[Verse 1]
Here it goes, just one more time
Another lame attempt to make you mine
I'm gonna strum some chords and sing some words that rhyme

You're beautiful, I love your smile
Every time you're near, I feel alive
So take my hand, let's fly

[Verse 2]
Like a drug, I can't get enough
My heroine, I need your touch
I feel you when I breathe

And when you're gone, it' not the same
Don't know the time, don't know my name
Don't know just how to feel

But what I know is I love you
And there's not a thing that I won't do
To have you back today

Cause you're beautiful, I love your smile
Every time you're near, I feel alive
So take my hand, let's fly

I found the girl of my dreams running through a nightmare
Love is war she don't ever fight fair
Let's forget about the time and place
Every single smile upon her face
Is like every star perfectly aligned
But we're out of time

Track Name: Lavender Sunrise
[Verse 1]
As the smoke begins to clear, the four walls are revealed
Suburban prison where I rot, my brain cells with thoughts of
You were not what you seemed when I needed to believe
In something I believed in a beautiful lie

[Verse 2]
I see myself in your dirty mirror, my hands around your waste
I hate what's staring back at me, he's laughing in my face
The she walks in my direction and I'm blinded by her light
You know reality's too dull for me, so let's fake it for tonight

[Verse 3]
A lavender sunrise comes to take you from me
But I'd rather sleep the day away and relive my dreams
It's funny how I see the truth every time I close my eyes
I'm alone up on a cloud with you, fuck these people and their lies